Ambika Ramachandran

How We Add Value To The Pet Grooming Experience?

“It's our passion that reflects in our services and our natural grooming practices.” Our Grooming Process Sanitation & Hygiene is the basis of pet health. We ensure that the bath & grooming area, tables & equipment are sanitized between sessions. As a part of our Assessment Process, we analyze the pet’s temperament and behavioral needs to give a better experience.…

Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE

Established in 2013 close to Jakkur Lake, to provide animal care, rescue, adoption, therapy and boarding. Our personal experience with CARE started when we had an incident with a rescue dog. Road accidents are not unusual and especially with dogs it almost seems inevitable.One such heartless rash driver hit a 6 month old puppy. The dog was profusely injured with…

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