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“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.”  Joaquin Phoenix. 

Don’t you think it’s a delight to bring a brown doughy-eyed animal home who cuddles on your lap and stretches its limbs on your couch? Well, you could go to your nearest animal shelter and adopt a puppy or a kitten and find your true soulmate. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? The question here is, WHEN and HOW would you adopt a pet?

The SIMPLEST way would be adopting an animal in need

Have you seen a cat lingering in your apartment complex? Or a dog that regularly visits your neighbouring store for a few biscuits? Well, you hold the power to help them!

Sometimes the simplest gestures go a long way. Let’s say we could help neuter them to ensure no more puppies after the mating season or just give them food and supplements and if you ‘CAN’ afford them, bring them home after a veterinary visit.

Is breeding UNETHICAL?

This is important because many animals are sent to the breeding ground and unethical breeding is a common practice that takes place for money. Adoption allows you to help strays and animals who are bred every season. Nearly, 1.5 million animals are euthanized (670,00 dogs and 860,000 cats) every year and 30-40 million stray dogs in India and 200 million stray dogs worldwide. All these soul-stirring animals need a small favour from you which would be for you to terminate the possibility of animals being bred. 

If you are planning to adopt a furry being, here’s what you need to know!


This is when you visit your nearest care centre to fund a pet to sustain their basic needs which would help them shelter with food and supplies until the pet finds a permanent home. Remember that even this is necessary because the point here is to help them in our own capacities.  

Adopting a puppy/ kitten: Pros & Cons

This is when you make your pizza from scratch. Since your pet would either be a puppy or a kitten, you’d be allowing yourself to watch them grow and become an adult cat or a dog. Wouldn’t that be a gratifying experience? You have the freedom to train them and walk them through the necessary boundaries. For your young ones, you could give Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Freeze-dried dog food as well as N&D kitten food which is nutritional and good for your pet’s growth, and interactive toys to keep your pet engaged and active. The best part about adopting them would be giving them a safe environment and a loving family for them to grow and flourish. 

Fun Fact: Genetically, a cat is 95.6% tiger.

Adopting an adult dog/cat, there are certain pros & Cons:

This could be tricky since adopting an adult pet would be that they could come home with trauma and training them could be a tad bit harder. It doesn’t mean you can’t train them at all, in fact, some of them are house trained. If your pet is anxious and can’t seem to calm down then you could give them calming supplements. You can form a deep form of connection and bond with them. With cats, remember that they need lesser supervision but make sure to take care of their litter box and food requirements. They might be shy at the beginning but they will learn to adapt. If you already have a cat at home, it could lead to a potential conflict between them. Just remember to be patient with them. 

Fun Fact: The song ‘A day in the life’ by The Beatles has frequencies only dogs can hear.

Adopting a shelter cat/dog:

Sometimes you might not have space or a secure environment to keep a house pet, despite that if they are sheltered you could help them financially, provide food, essentials, medication, and veterinary care. You could visit and check up on them now and again. Shelters such as CARE give one the option to care for an animal in the best way one can. 


It’s important to be mindful when you are bringing home a pet and if you could provide for them. They are similar to children, they need love, affection, and all the care in the world. Animals are precious and they need one’s empathy. You would be saving them from grave concerns by bringing them home. After all ‘ It is in GIVING that we GET’. 

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