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“It’s our passion that reflects in our services and our natural grooming practices.”

Our Grooming Process

Sanitation & Hygiene is the basis of pet health. We ensure that the bath & grooming area, tables & equipment are sanitized between sessions.

As a part of our Assessment Process, we analyze the pet’s temperament and behavioral needs to give a better experience. Our specialists interact with the pet to help reduce stress or anxiety, and help the dog warm up before entering the grooming area.

Note: We DO NOT sedate the pet. We believe in humane practices and transparency.

Paw Hygiene & Care rules out dry & cracked paw pads, Ticks, allergies, fungal & bacterial infections. While cleaning and massaging paw pads, our specialist takes proactive measures in case of any redness or inflammation. The in-house Veterinarian is consulted as needed, making the process easy and convenient.

Nail Clipping & Grinding is done as part of paw care. This involves trimming long toenails, treating ingrown or torn nails in dogs and avoiding sharp scratching in cats.

Regular Ear Cleaning is crucial to avoid moisture accumulation which could lead to ear infection. It is also important to check for and treat ear mites. We use a natural herbal ear cleanser made by Ark Naturals, USA, which cleans, maintains good hygiene and also calms the pet.

Excess Knotted/Matted Hair is carefully trimmed off before a soothing Spa Bath with our all-natural shampoos that leave your pet’s skin and coat hydrated. As part of assessment, our grooming specialist also looks for the presence of Fleas or Ticks and uses the Flea/Tick shampoo to eliminate them.

Blow-Drying & Brushing further eliminates chances of infection by removing any moisture trapped inside the coat, removing small knots and ticks from the inner coat, while enhancing coat shine.

Hair Cut & Styling is all about the pet’s appearance. We expertly trim the coat and create styles best suited for your pet to make them more presentable and beautiful.

We are the first in India to introduce Eye Rehydration as a part of our service, which is an essential part of eye hygiene and long lasting vision.

The Finishing Touches would be with our coat care and shine enhancement products that are formulated with natural oils. The product list comprises special Calming sprays, anti flea and tick spray, and natural anti-shedding serum.

Our Grooming Staff

Our academy-trained staff have had over 1000 hours of training in pet handling, grooming and styling.

They come with a host of industry experience and are further trained to align with our company philosophy reflecting international standards.

We take pride in educating pet parents on proactive skin and coat care as a part of comprehensive grooming services.

Our Grooming Products

Simple yet effective ingredients are key to our philosophy.

Ark Naturals products formulated by Dr. Nancy Scanlan DVM, a leading holistic veterinarian and Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst Ph.D, a scientific advisor, and nutrition expert, ensure effectiveness and are used in our grooming process

Our Grooming Services

Our customer favourite Full Spa service is to care for your pet head to paw. This is a comprehensive hygiene care, grooming & styling package. Refer to our grooming process section above for detailed description of every service.

Bath & Blowdry was introduced as an in-between-spas fix, where parents can avail a quick cleaning service to maintain the pet’s hygiene.

Membership packages

A super value pack that gives you up to 25% discount on recurring services. We encourage membership packages to ensure that regular measures are taken to rule out knots, flea & tick infestation or skin related problems in your fur babies. An absolute customer favourite!

We Welcome You To Witness The Difference!

We believe in proactive care, transparency, education, inclusive experience, and we promise the best pet care available thus far!

We use the highest quality, most effective and pet-friendly products. We value integrity, transparency, vitality, and innovation. Most importantly, we understand and value the bond between you and your pet. Our products work together to create an intentional regimen that addresses your pet’s individual needs.

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