Pet Parenting During The Pandemic

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How to cope with the “new normal”  alongside your fur baby!

Human beings are social creatures. Our holistic development and societal sensitivity is based on the interactions that we hold on a day to day basis. Animals are subjected to our practices as they too are social beings and dogs in particular, are seen to gel well with multiple circles.

So, what happens to us and our companions when we are imposed with a rule to not engage socially for the betterment of humanity?

A very underrated concept during this period is how your animals have to also be kept safe and socially distant just as much as human beings have to be. Coming in contact with another pet also means coming into contact with a fellow pet-owner. This spells risk for everyone in question.

Having said and done that, here are some ways to engage with your pet and ensure their safety during “the new normal”

Take precautious Hygiene measures

Sanitize, sanitize and sanitize even more!

If you have relied heavily on pet grooming or pet groomers for your pet’s needs, it’s time to learn a few basic skills! There are many youtube videos and books you can refer to for the same. This practice will create a bonding experience between you and your furry little one while helping you practice social distancing.

Another vital practice is to sanitize your pet’s belongings such as toys, fences, bowls, beds etc. It is important to keep in mind that your pet is just as susceptible to lower immunity as their outdoor activities may have decreased due to continuous lockdowns. It is important to sanitize regularly and safely and possibly in a contactless manner to avoid spreading of microbodies!

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Managing your pet’s exercise and social interactions

Let’s face it, your pet loves it’s walkies more than any other activity during the day.

The better part of walks is also getting to meet and socialize with other dogs. However, it isn’t in the best interests of both the pet and the owner to be meeting other pet owners and pets.

If there are too many pets in your area, talk to your neighbors or a neighborhood association. See if you can formulate Whatsapp groups and have people walk their dogs in groups of two or three at a time.

If you are walking your dog all alone, you are likely to come across kids and people who would want to interact with your pet, especially if its a puppy. The best way to deal with the situation is to wear a mask at all times. Make sure you set boundaries with people about how close they can come to your pet and you. A simple way to do this is to just mention that your pet isn’t feeling too well or to just nod and keep moving rather than stopping.

Another way to help with your pet’s immunity and hygiene is to equip them with shoesShoes help with keeping paws clean and also help against germs if your pet gives handshakes to people.

Managing your pet’s nutrition and immunity

We tend to believe that regular kibble or homemade diets would be good enough for pets’ nutritional needs and overlook the importance of supplements.  Despite giving a balanced formula of kibble or homemade food (even if it lacks balance without the usage of suggested amounts of minerals and vitamins), your pets need additional supplementation. This aids them to meet their special needs and overcome the gene-specific health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, arthritis, cognitive memory loss, and DCM.

In reality, supplements fill the gaps which regular food may not be able to in your

pet’s diet. Supplements are vital for heart, joints, brain, immunity and to overcome any breed-specific health issues maintaining overall good health avoiding long term issues

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In conclusion, it’s important to look into your pet’s health and emotional needs during this time. Do your best to keep up with their health but cherish the bonding experience you get with them during the pandemic!

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